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Samsdigital is a marketing and consulting entity. We do Press Releases, Bio Development, Webdesign, Publicity and many other marketing services.


Samsdigital.net is a full-service media marketing entity. Our approach is to partner with our clients to discuss their marketing needs and help connect them with their respective target markets. 

Samsdigital is founded by Full Sail University Graduate - Samuel Archer MBBS, who brings a wealth of experience and knowledge to the table. From the mid-80s to present Samuel has been involved with sales, promotion, advertising, production, and networking. As a musician and music producer, he has also worked on the business end of product development, releasing indie and major music projects.



Biography Development, Press Releases, Media, Business Plans, Tour Management, Webdesign, Physical & Digital Marketing, Publicity, Feasibility Studies, Consulting and Production

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With years of experience in the music industry, a consulting session with Samuel Archer can be helpful by providing you with an in-depth overview on various topics such as songwriting, production, recording, marketing, music industry trends, publishing and much more.

Samuel E. Archer MBBS

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